Le bouquet au pied du mur

Saison : 6

Épisode : 9

Animateur : Steve Berthiaume

Panélistes : Carl Labonté, Richard Laplante, Martin Morin, Christian Lupien

Avec la collaboration de : Raymond Lavergne

3 comments on Le bouquet au pied du mur

  1. Rolland Longchamps dit :

    I’m a regular at the Cornwall Motor Speedway. I never miss a race. We love to travel to different race tracks to watch the quality of drivers that are not seen back at home. We are in Quebec at least 4 times a year to watch some racing (Mostly the bigger events). The only reason why it’s possible, is because of the free camping. It’s much more affordable to bring my camper and spend a night or two for free then it is to spend it on a hotel, and because the race tracks allow us to do so, we make sure to help out as much as possible to support the speedway. (Buying souvenirs and food at the canteen.)

    Also, you guys do interviews with drivers down at the track every week. During the intermission, instead of listening to the music, we go own 360Nitro and try to see if you have already posted them, if not it’s the first thing we watch when we get home. It was a very good point, It would be very cool if the interviews were live in front of the stage at intermission. 😀

    Sorry about the english, my spelling in french isn’t the greatest.

  2. martinrodier dit :

    Bonne emission encore une fois et j’espere STEEVE que tu ré invitera Richard Laplante avant le debut de la saison 2019 avec la chance de partager avec Luc Lalancette de ces sujets dans son cartable qu »il n’a pas eu la chance d’élaborer

  3. Marcel lemay dit :

    très très bonne émission très bon commentaire de Richard Laplante on apprend des chose que l on ne savais pas

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